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Somtimes it’s hard being a Leafs fan

Without question the biggest rival of the Toronto Maple Leafs is the Ottawa Senators. The two teams have forged a fantastic rivalry. But you can only be a rival if you at LEAST put up a fight.

In the last 3 games (including last night) my beloved Maple Leafs have lost to the Senators by scores of 8-0, 8-2 and last night 7-0.

I know what you’re thinking… surely John, those must be low scoring FOOTBALL games you’re talking about. No team gives up 23 goals in just 3 games. Well… I guess they do. How humiliating.

I’m now just waiting for Sharon, Mike and Curt to write and gloat (the Oilers are going pretty damn well this year… if they only had a real goalie they could be considered one of the best teams in the league.)


January 22, 2006 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. John,
    Just be glad you’re not here in St. Louis and living with the humiliation that is the Blues!
    How we’ve fallen from being in the upper echelon to the bottom so fast is still beyond me, even if the team is for sale and the owner doesn’t want to invest any more money into them.
    Oh, and Sharon, Mike and Curt might want to write and thank the Blues for handing the Oilers one of the top defensemen in the league, Chris Pronger for practically nothing.

    Comment by Larry F. | January 23, 2006 | Reply

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