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I Hate My Phone

I don’t hate my phone service… I hate my actual phone. It’s a cordless… and fully charged it now seems to last about 40 minutes off it’s charger. Heaven help me if I just leave it laying around and forget to put it back in it’s cradle after using it. I’ll get like 2 minutes of talk time.

But man… I HATE spending money… especially if it’s not really necessary. So here I am with a junk phone that forces me to cut phone calls short all the time… and yet I think to myself “Well technically it does still work.” and I talk myself out of buying a new one.

I just need to bite the bullet. They’re only $20 for heaven’s sake.

No wonder I can’t bring myself to get a new car… even though the one I’m driving will probably cause my untimely death within the next few days.


February 2, 2006 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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