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What the HELL is on John’s Desk!?!

MacOnJohnsDesk.jpgI’m not 100% positive, but apparently the weather channel is calling for periods of snow in Hades today. Look at this picture of my desk. My desk is the central space in my small apartment. I do everything there. I work, play and communicate from this space. This space is sacred to me… but now there is something new on this desk that I never thought would actually appear there.

THERE’S A FRIGGING iMAC ON MY DESK!?!?! Yup, your eyes aren’t deceiving you my friends. That is an actual iMac sitting on my desk.

Now I mentioned a little while ago that I was starting to think about grabbing one of the new Macs. Well, the producer on the documentary I was working on had this iMac just laying around that she was NEVER using… so she offered to give it to me to try using the Mac enviornment. Very nice of her.

A couple of my first impressions.

1) Why donsn’t mac just admit defeat and start shipping thier computers with a 2 buton mouse??? Not having it is a pain in the ass.

2) The filing system isn’t as intuitive as Windows

3) Crap… a couple of my favorite freeware programs aren’t available for Mac

4) Wow… the monitor display is BEAUTIFUL. No really… it’s just fantastic to look at. I love it.

I haven’ really played around with it too much yet, so more impressions will come later. Man, it just feels funny having this thing on my desk. It feels like I’m wearing a Russian Hockey Jersey.


February 25, 2006 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. I love hearing REAL peoples feelings when using a mac. All the stuff you said is spot on. Mac fanatics always talk about how intuitive and simple macs can be but they can be tougher to learn than PC’s. Single button mouse, horrible built in browser, lack of freeware alternatives for some apps. I love macs but they just aren’t the magic computer everyone claims they are.

    Anyway, my next computer probably will be a mac laptop unless they do a mediacenter type system.

    Comment by Cole | February 25, 2006 | Reply

  2. If youdo make the jump, wait for a bit.

    The new Intel Mac’s are available but there are a LOT of bugs with existing software and the new processor.

    Mac Zealots everywhere are scorning this unholy alliance and calling these bugs an omen of their god’s dissatisfaction.

    Yeah, and two button mouse. For the love of all that is computing, why have one button when the ctrl-click option has been available for a decade.

    Comment by Rodney | February 26, 2006 | Reply

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