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Heading To Calgary

Good news and bad news for me. The bad news is that my buddy Cam (the guy with me in the picture) is moving away out to Calgary. On the up side, he’s asked me to go along with him for the drive and to hang out in Calgary for a little while… which I’m more than happy to do!

On the way we’re going to stop in Saskatoon so I can say “hi” to some people… I’m pretty excited about that (and yes Ms. Jack, I’ll stop off in Regina for a coffee too!). I’ve never really spent any substantial time in Calgary, so I’m looking forward to it. By “substantial” I mean a week or 2 at the most… then I’ll just fly back to Hamilton. It should be a really fun trip. The drive is actually really beautiful.

I’ll also take the opportunity to do some advanced scouting for my documentary which will start shooting in May. Also, it seems my dad has an old University buddy of his living out in Calgary that he’s asked me to stop in and visit. That should be fun!

There is a slightly hard part to all this though. You see, I had a couple of friends (they’re married) once when I lived out in Saskatoon. The couple now live in Calgary. To make a long story short the two of them and I had a massive parting of the ways. It was ugly. It’s an odd thing… I miss them so much… and yet I’m insanely angry at them both at the same time (as they are with me).

simpsonsChaciture.jpgI actually still keep a “Simpsons characiture” portrait of myself, The Guy and another friend of ours that we had done of ourselves at some street festival sitting beside my desk to this day (I’m the one on the left). I don’t know why I keep it up there… but I do.

So yeah, I do miss them… but they had 5 kids (yeah that’s right… FIVE). Five of the most amazing kids you’d ever want to meet. For years I got to be a pretty big part of their lives (I even babysat them as the 5th was being born). For years I saw them every Christmas… and I can honestly tell you I loved those kids with every fiber of my being… and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I miss THEM.

It’s funny… to this day there probably isn’t a burning building that I wouldn’t run into if I thought they (the couple) were stuck inside, and yet, I just can’t bring myself to call or talk to them. Some people would say (and rightfully so) “Forgive and forget”. But there are some things that some people can’t just “get over”. And my anger is just a little too deep to let slide. I know that sounds shallow… but it is nonetheless the way it is. Who knows, perhaps someday I’ll be able to get over it, and perhaps they will too… but not today.

So anyway… the way this all ties into Calgary. I think I’m getting paranoid because I’m already having this fear of bumping into them while I’m in Calgary (which is totally stupid since Calgary is a HUGE city with about a million people in it). Still… whenever I step outside the door I’ll probably be looking over my shoulder. Aren’t insecurities fun!


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  1. Ms. Jack says good!

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