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Getting In Trouble For No Reason

This is something that just drives me nuts. You see, I’m a stupid enough of a person that I get myself into trouble enough times that I DON’T need to get in trouble for things I didn’t actually do, or at least do wrong. Did that make sense? I get in trouble sometimes… and usually it’s my own fault. BUT… I hate it when someone gives me grief for something I didn’t do.

Here’s the long and the short of it. A friend of mine recently got mad at me for something that was 100% not my fault. You see… I did something that I had NO IDEA I wasn’t supposed to do. I won’t go into details so as to protect the identity of the person I’m talking about. The person asked me not to do a couple of things. No problems. i didn’t do the things they asked me not to do. But a couple of days later I did something that they never even HINTED I shouldn’t do. So I get a phone call from this person all freaked out and I find out they’re MAD AT ME. As if I did something wrong or that I wasn’t supposed to.

Anyway, that sort of thing really bothers me… and it’s probably ruined our friendship now. I have no time for people who misplace the anger they should feel at themselves and put it on me. I do enough stupid stuff that I need to apologies for… I don’t need more crap from stuff that wasn’t my fault.


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