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Looking for an Editor To Finish My Movie

So here’s the skinny. As a lot of you know, my very first attempt at a documentary “Prince of Peace – God of War” is way over due. My trailer (which you can see here) says “October 2006” on it. Well we’re more than 5 months past due and I’m no closer to finishing than I was back in August.

The main problem is that I thought I could edit this thing on my own. I’m actually a pretty good editor, but I’ve never really done a feature style documentary before and it’s a TOTALLY different thing than editing a scripted film or short film. And no matter how much I’ve tried over the past 6 months to edit this thing… it always ends up sucking. I need help, and I’ve finally admitted that to myself. This movie needs to get finished. It’s too important (to me anyway) not to.

So a couple of days ago I started looking for an editor to work with me to finish this thing. I’ve talked to a couple here in Canada and a few down in Los Angeles. My money is super tight so it’s tough to find a good one with lots of experience to do it… but there have been a number of LA guys who love the trailer and are interested in getting their names on my movie, so they’re willing to work on it for less than their normal fees.

I should made a decision this week, and hopefully… by the end of May, I’ll finally have “Prince of Peace – God of War” ready to be viewed by the world. If it’s worth watching that is.


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