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Bible Spoiler

The new Harry Potter book isn’t the only one that has advanced spoilers slipping out on the internet. There is a HUGE bible spoiler. If you want to see it… CLICK HERE


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I’m in The New Hulk Movie!

Hey there…

Well, I just got home from getting fitted for my “Military Intelligence” uniform for my appearance in…. THE NEW INCREDIBLE HULK MOVIE!!!!! I’m so excited about this. I’ve been really pumped about the new Hulk movie ever since they announced it (Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, William Hurt) and you can imagine my excitement when I got the call asking if I want to get an extra part in it. YES!

So anyway, I went down today to get fitted for my uniform. It looks slick. I didn’t even know they were filming part of the movie here in Hamilton… but they are. They’re shooting my scene on Tuesday, so I’ll go back down then. I won’t be able to talk about it… but I just wanted to share that I’m in it. Look for me on screen next summer when you’re watching the movie. 🙂

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Surprise Surprise – I Didn’t Get Into The Toronto Film Festival

The Toronto International Film Festival is argued by some as the most important and most prestigious film festival in North America. It is filled with Hollywood produced films, and even the Canadian content is often high budget fare. Not to mention there were reportedly about 3000 films submitted for consideration (I think just over 200 are selected).

So even though I knew my little film “Prince of Peace – God of War” had virtually no chance at getting into the festival, I decided to try anyway and submit it. Well… I just got word that although it made it past the preliminary rounds… ultimately my film didn’t get in.

On the one hand, I’m not surprised at all. A zero budget documentary shot on a mini-dv camera by a total amateur (me) failing to get into the biggest film festival in north america won’t surprise anyone… not the least of which me. To be honest I would have dropped with total shock had I gotten into the thing. But….

I really like my film… I’m proud of it… and there was some little small part of me that actually thought it MIGHT have a shot at getting in. So I was prepared for the bad news… but it still stung. Ouch.

My goal is to get into at least one of the festivals I’ve submitted to. I’ll keep you updated.

On the positive side… Prince of Peace – God of War just got its first review… and it’s a GOOD ONE! The film site “Movie Patron” did it. You can read it here.

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The Waiting Is Killing Me

Well, the movie is done and I’ve now submitted it to 8 really good film festivals:

The Toronto International Film Festival (Toronto)

The Atlantic International Film Festival (Halifax)

The Calgary International Film Festival (Calgary)

The Global Peace Film Festival (Orlando)

The Vancouver International Film Festival (Vancouver)

The San Francisco Documentary Film Festival (San Francisco)

The Connecticut Film Festival

The Cinefest International Film Festival (Sudbury)

And I’m still thinking about a couple of others, including the Canada international Film Festival.

Here’s the thing. I am VERY aware that my chances of getting into any of these festivals is slim. But still… I have hope. The part that is really hard though is the damn WAITING!!! AARRGGG! The waiting is killing me. I won’t even start hearing back from any of the festivals until at least August 10th. So everyday I just sit… and wait. Some days I feel really optimistic, like I’ll get into the Toronto Film Festival… then other days not so much like I won’t get into any… it’s such an emotional rollercoaster.

It’s a good thing I don’t have like $100,000 invested in the movie or else that would add to the stress of NEEDING to get into the festivals (at this point I don’t NEED to get into the festivals… I’d just really really like to).

So for now… I just continue to sit… and wait… and wait…. and wait. Sigh… guess I’ll just play some more Unreal Tournament.

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Most Damning Attack On Bush Yet

Saw this this morning from MSNBC. The most articulate, well laid out outrage against Bush. This president needs to go.

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