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Screenwriting Again

A little over 2 years ago Doug and I had an idea for a movie, so we started writing it… the problem was another movie came out shortly after we started the writing process that we thought was too much like our idea… so we ditched it. That really sucked, because we liked our idea a lot.

Anyway, last year Doug and I had another idea for a script. The only problem was that I was neck deep in my documentary “Prince of Peace – God of War” and didn’t really have time to do anything. Well, the documentary is now done, and last week Doug and I started writing again. Writing is a LOT of fun.

The best part is that we’re able this time to take some of the ideas we had from our last script that we really liked and we’ll be able to to seamlessly work them into this one. We worked for a few more hours tonight and made a lot of progress. We still haven’t got around to doing dialog yet since up to now it’s just been developing our plot and characters… but it looks like Monday after we do our Podcast we’re going to get down to scripting out some actual dialog and action. I’m really actually pretty excited about it.

I’m the type of people who always needs to have some sort of creative project on the go… even if it isn’t for anything in particular. This project we’re working on has already been a lot of fun… and we’re just getting started.


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Going through a really stressful time right now. Lots of stuff concerning The Movie Blog… my new movie… my future… my life. Gaaaa… it’s a hard time.

I am reminded that no matter how stressful or hard things are…. there are a million people out there who would kill to trade places with me. Great friends, great family, a roof, a car and my health. Yup… life is pretty good. Helps keeps things in perspective. So why am I having trouble sleeping?

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R.I.P. Blackie

It is a very sad day for the Campea family… cause in a way, we lost one of our own. I was talking with my mom on the phone earlier tonight and she told me the bad news that one of the family dogs, Blackie (you can guess which one he is in the picture) has died.

As some of you know, when I first moved back to Ontario, I spent some time staying at my folks ranch while I got settled and went to school. Lady and Blackie are WONDERFUL dogs. Always close by, PERFECTLY tempered, very protective of the kids… and most of all a lot of fun.

I would often take the 4-wheelers back to the pond and Lady and Blackie would run right along side me all the way there (well… Blackie fell behind because of his age… but he LOVED going back there). The two of them would get so excited when they would hear me start up the engine, cause they knew it meant we were going back to the pond.

The one Blackie’s death with hit hardest is Lady. She’s younger than Blackie, and we think she’s always had Blackie around. The two with usually together. My mom said when they went back to the barn and found Blackie, Lady was laying with him and refused to leave his side. Lady always obeys when my dad calls her… but she refused to move, she wouldn’t leave Blackie. I’m actually getting choked up thinking about it. Poor Lady… this will be hard on her.

Blackie was a wonderful pet and part of the family. I miss him already. Good boy Blackie…. good boy.

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What do I do Next?

About a year or so ago I started wrestling with the idea of what I’m going to do with myself next. In other words… when “The Movie Blog” is done (all good things come to an end) what am I going to do with myself? It’s a hard question to ask. I didn’t really come up with anything and I stopped thinking about it after a couple of weeks.

For some reason… coming back from Comic Con (Huge convention in San Diego i just got back from) I started wondering about that again. What do I do next?

Don’t get me wrong… it’s not that I’m getting tired of doing The Movie Blog at all… but this is the internet, and anything can happen at anytime. Remember Friendster? it was a bigger online social network than myspace just a couple of years ago. Google offered to buy them for $30 million and THEY TURNED IT DOWN! Now they’re not worth $30 bucks.

Anyway… so let’s say something like that happens to The Movie Blog. What do I do next? I don’t think I want to go back to just working joe jobs. It’s been so great working for myself, and doing something sort of creative. I don’t know… I just don’t know

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