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Chuck Norris and Mr. T

One of the commenters on The Movie Blog left this Chuck Norris joke… and I wanted to share it here:

Chuck Norris and Mr. T walk into a bar, it instantly explodes as no building can contain that level of awesomeness.”



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Getting TV Fixed

Ok… what’s the definition of lazy? I had a problem with my 42 inch plasma TV about 5 months ago. The thing is heavy as hell, but I watch all my movies on it. So you’d think I would have run out to get the damn thing fixed right away right? RIGHT? Nope, I let it just sit there for the last 5 months and instead watched DVDs on my little 20 inch TV in my bedroom.

Today I FINALLY got around to calling the repair man. They’re coming over to take a look at it on Friday. It’ll be nice to get my TV back.

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World of Warcraft Beginner Annoyances

Ok, so it’s now been about 24 hours since I installed World of Warcraft on my computer again. I’ve played a bit last night and today, and the world is every bit as vast, rich and engaging as I remember it to be.

However… I also was quickly reminded of some of the annoyances of the game. Not a lot… and nothing too serious… but for some reasons they’re bugging me more this time around than they did last time.

1) Running
Holy crap is can take FOREVER just to get from one place to another (especially at the lower levels when you don’t have spells or a mount to get you around faster. Even just running the simplest of beginners quests can take ages just to run to the place you need to do it and get back. Heaven forbid your inventor gets full before your quest is done and you want to run back to a town to sell the stuff… only to then have to run back, finish the quest and run back to the town again. I understand the advantages to this system… but that doesn’t stop it from being a bit annoying when you’re starting.

2) Repetitive grind leveling
Pretty much the only thing to do when you’re starting out as a level 1 character is to get to level 2… then repeat for a few more levels before you get into the really interesting stuff. I’ve only been back at it for a day and for some reason this time around I can’t stand sitting at my computer more than about 20 minutes at a time just doing the same thing over and over and over an over again. Killing the same easy monsters in the same way repeatedly. It gets annoying… and worse… boring

3) Use Stone only once per hour
You know the stone… the one you can use to teleport yourself back to your inn. It’s a great help against the annoyance of point #1. The problem is once you use it… you can’t use it again until its “cool down” period elapses… which is 60 minutes. Grrrrr… that bothers me.

The game is still one of the best ever made…. but I gotta tell you this time around I’m really not worried at all about getting addicted to it again. Now I’m not even 100% sure I’m going to play it again tomorrow (I probably will… but not 100% sure)

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Taking A Break From The Movie Blog

It dawned on me the other day that in over 4 years of running The Movie Blog, I haven’t once taken a week off from writing on it. Not even last year when i was driving from one end of Canada and the US to the other while filming my movie… I even wrote every morning from whatever hotel room I was in at the time.

So, with lots of prep work to do (with regards to a major Movie Blog announcement we’re making on Friday), getting ready to launch my movie on DVD, and just in general feeling really worn out… I’ve decided to take a break this week from posting on The Movie Blog. I’m still doing the Uncut shows… so it’s not really a vacation, but no writing for me.

After the announcement this Friday, I’ll have a LOAD of stuff to do… I’m also suppose to be flying down to New Mexico in November for a few days to visit the set of “Game” (being filmed by the creators of “Crank”) and doing my movie DVD launch party… so if I’m going to take a break… I need to do it now.

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Halloween Costumes For Kids Too Sexy

Look, I like scantly clad women as much as the next red blooded guy… but marketing a costume called “Sexy Witch” to children is going a bit far. I’m hardly a conservative fuddy duddy, but wow, this goes a little too far for me.

See the video here

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New iMac For Video Editing?

I’ve really hated Mac computers for a very long time. I had to use one once YEARS ago for a company I worked with and I hated every moment I had to spend on that thing. But then last year they came out with Intel processors, and the new Macbooks were looking really sweet, so I got myself one… and I’ve LOVED every moment I’ve own this thing.

Now, I’m starting to consider grabbing a Mac desktop too. The new iMacs look just amazing. Here’s the thing… if I got one, the main purpose of it would be to use as a video editor. Have any of you guys had any experience using Final Cut on one of these iMacs? If so…. do you find it works well? Reliable? Buggy? Fast? I’ve already got a 24′ monitor that I’ll hook up to it to use as a dual monitor system, so I’m just curious if anyone has had any experiences using one for video specifically?

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World of Warcraft Addiction Delayed

Ok, so as I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve installed World of Warcraft on my computer again after being rid of it for over a year. Got it all loaded up… and realized I can’t remember how to do a bloody thing. It was kinda frustrating. Doug is coming over later tonight to do the Movie Blog podcast… he still plays so I’ll just ask him to show me how to do everything again. So my relapse into addiction has been delayed by a day.

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World of Warcraft To Kill My Time Again

Ok so here’s the story. A little over a year ago some friends of mine finally got me to try World of Warcraft. The problem was that the game was FAR too addictive. I had the game on my computer for just over 3 months and I found that no matter how much I tried to limit how much I played, I ended up playing 3-5 hours a day and my work was suffering for it. I finally decided I was powerless to resist the game and I took the drastic measure of deleting the whole game off my computer and then smashing the discs so I wouldn’t be tempted to put the game back on.

Well, it’s been over a year… and I’ve decided to give the game another shot. I’m installing the game now as we speak. I’ll let you know how I fair this time around.

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Sources For Creative Commons Content

When you are involved in any sort of creative venture, finding content that isn’t bogged down by copyright is tough. Graphics, music and other things like that are often hard to come by. This site is a great list of various places to get content that falls under the Creative Commons agreement. Check it out.

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