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Forget Microsoft Office. Get OpenOffice!

I’m just so used to using OpenOffice for my office applications that I often forget that most people haven’t even heard of it yet (even though it’s been around for YEARS). Ok, here’s the basics… essentially OpenOffice is a suite of office productivity applications that is pretty much EXACTLY the same as Microsoft Office.

For example, OpenOffice has a Word Processor that pretty much looks and functions exactly like Microsoft Word. You can even open the files in both programs without a problem. So I can write up a document in OpenOffice, email it to you, and you can open and view it in Microsoft Word no problem. It’s even got a PowerPoint and Spreadsheet programs too that function and import with Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint.

Here’s the thing… OpenOffice is 100% FREE! Yes that’s right folks… FREE! I ditched Microsoft Office off my computer over 4 years ago. I have it on my Mac Laptop and on my PC desktop. I’ll never use Microsoft Office again… and neither should you. Go get it and try it out. I swear you’ll have absolutely ZERO trouble getting up and running because as I said, it essentially looks and acts JUST like Office.

Go get a free download of it here.


November 1, 2007 - Posted by | Tech

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