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Los Angeles Obeservation #3 – Booze

First thing you should understand about me is that I’m not much of a drinker. No, it’s not for religious or health reasons, but rather because I just don’t like the taste of much alcohol and because I don’t get any sort of buzz from drinking it. Having said that, even I from time to time will enjoy a vodak cooler or something else along those lines.

Now, in Canada if you want to get your hands on some booze, you’ve got to find yourself a government owned and operated shop called (in Ontario) an LCBO. You’ll find them around if you look hard enough. So imagine my surprise when I came down here and saw that booze is EVERYWHERE! It’s even in the grocery store. I’m not kidding… right across the street from where I’m living is a giant “Ralphs” grochery store… and at least 3 full aisles are all booze. And it’s CHEAP! I’d say at least 15-20% cheaper than in Canada. Beer is like half the price.

Every grocery store, every corner store, every Popsicle stand in the city also sells alcohol. It takes a little getting used to.


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