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Even the democrats are stupid

They had a chance tonight to start the healing and begin the fight to take back the white house and start to restore America again after the mess George W Bush has made. Democrats tonight had the opportunity to show they had some common sense… but instead… they botched it. Hilary Clinton is still in the race after winning in Texas and Ohio.

The democrats in those states kept the internal fight in the party going today… voting for Hilary “Just another” Clinton. A person who will unite the right and vast numbers of moderates against the democrats if, god forbid, she were to win the democratic nomination.

There has been a Bush or a Clinton in the White House for 28 years in a row now. 28 years. TWENTY EIGHT YEARS.

Instead of voting for a guy who actually stands a chance to unite the country instead of dividing it, to bring some hope instead of the same old regime… and at the risk of sounding cliche… to bring some CHANGE… instead of all that, the democrats will remain embroiled in division while the republicans laugh all the way to the bank.

Mark my words… if Hilary Clinton is the democratic nominee in the election, then you might as well start practicing saying “President McCain”. Everyone knows it… the republicans know it and are licking their proverbial chops at the idea of Hilary actually beating Obama.. seems like the only people who won’t wake up to understand this are the democrats themselves.


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Sometimes you just need to turn around

I really don’t know the background story to this picture… all I know is that you’ll never catch me in a body of water where the word “shark” was ever spoken within 100 miles.

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