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My Avatar Review

Got out to see a midnight IMAX screening of Avatar last night. The place wasn’t sold out… which surprised me… but I guess that’s not to surprising considering the movie is 2 hours 40 minutes long on a work night, which meant we didn’t get out of the theater until almost 3am.

Still… GREAT movie. Here’s my review:


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Is It Shallow To Think Attraction Matters?

I had a strange conversation with someone today that’s left me scratching my head a little. Without all the boring details, here’s how it went…

I mentioned that physical attraction is a significant thing when one is considering pursuing another person. I didn’t say that was a good or a bad thing… just that if there is going to be a connection between two people at least SOME sort of physical attraction at some level has to exist.

The person I was talking to insisted that made me a shallow person and proceeded to get quite upset with me.

Once again, I didn’t say that’s how it SHOULD be… I merely pointed out that it was a fact. But to this person… just stating that made me a shallow person.

So what gives? Is some sort of physical attraction important or not?

December 18, 2009 Posted by | Life | 4 Comments