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Help Me Lose Weight

Uggghhh. I’ve put on 20 pounds since last New Years Eve. My weight has really been a struggle the last few years. You see, My job consists of sitting in a movie theater watching movies… then sitting in front of my computer writing about them, or sitting in front of my computer reading reports about them. Hell… I even work from home. My amount of inactivity is staggering, but at the same time I’m crazy busy so I don’t often think about taking the time to prepare proper healthy meals or get to the gym nearly enough.

This week, I weighed in at the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life… 239 pounds. My ideal weight is 205.

Here’s a picture of me from New Years Eve (the woman in the pic is Theresa from my movie “The Anniversary”:


As you can see, I’m bigger than I’ve ever been. The worst part of it is that I can FEEL it. I just don’t feel healthy. My legs get sore faster due to carrying around 40 extra pounds, I tire out faster and I don’t sleep as well.


So… a couple of days ago I started to focus on getting exercise and putting effort into eating properly. Nothing extreme… but it’s time to get serious.

So to help me do this, I’ve decided to post here on my blog my weight every couple of days to keep myself accountable.

SO ME A FAVOR… please encourage me as I make progress… and mock me when I don’t. I could really use the help.

Thanks guys… and happy new year!


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Is It Shallow To Think Attraction Matters?

I had a strange conversation with someone today that’s left me scratching my head a little. Without all the boring details, here’s how it went…

I mentioned that physical attraction is a significant thing when one is considering pursuing another person. I didn’t say that was a good or a bad thing… just that if there is going to be a connection between two people at least SOME sort of physical attraction at some level has to exist.

The person I was talking to insisted that made me a shallow person and proceeded to get quite upset with me.

Once again, I didn’t say that’s how it SHOULD be… I merely pointed out that it was a fact. But to this person… just stating that made me a shallow person.

So what gives? Is some sort of physical attraction important or not?

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Getting Ready To Head Home For Christmas

There are many many many things I enjoy about hanging out here in Los Angeles. The weather is simply amazing. Being a movie guy there is no better place on earth to be than right here. Culturally there are endless things to do and see and on top of all that I’ve made some great friends here.

However… Christmas time just doesn’t feel right without 2 important things. Family and SNOW!!!! Family is obvious… but man… without snow on the ground it just doesn’t feel like the season to me. So later next week I’m going to hop on a plane and head back to Hamilton Ontario for a couple of weeks to enjoy Christmas. Christmas with the family… and Christmas with snow!

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Worst Birthday Ever

Well, we all have one… so now I do too. I officially had my worst birthday ever yesterday. I didn’t sleep well the night before, still had to get up early to work, ended up working all day and into the evening… didn’t go out anywhere… no one came over… I didn’t do anything except stay home, watch a little tv and play some warcraft. Wheeeeeeee.

To be fair, I knew yesterday was going to be like that far in advance. As most of you know, I’m kind of hanging my hat down here in Los Angeles right now. I’ve only been here for less than 2 very busy months, and I really don’t know that many people here yet and the ones I do know I didn’t really tell about my birthday. Most of my friends and family are back home in Hamilton/Toronto and we’ve been so busy with work that I haven’t really noticed that I’m getting a bit homesick. Well… yesterday I noticed.

So as far as birthdays go, yesterday sucked… however… it was to be expected given the current circumstances. Next year I’ll have to have one hell of a party to make up for it. 😛

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People Close To You Have The Most Power To Damage You

I don’t let much bother me. When you do what I do for a living (giving opinions publicly) you can’t allow to let what other people think effect you too much or you’ll go mad. That’s fine, since I’ve never really cared much about what other people thought of me, my opinions or my decisions. I’ve always been very confident in myself, my abilities and my decisions.

I’m also a very social person. I like being in groups of people. That same confidence I’ve had in every other area of my life was also a part of my social interaction. I’ve always been a confident person around other people, comfortable being myself and engaging people naturally without ever being nervous, shy or inhibited too much. If people liked me, great… if the odd person didn’t, I didn’t really worry about it. That was me my whole life, and I loved it that way.

But then something happened. I got into a very destructive relationship for a few years. It’s funny, nothing anyone ever thought could phase me… but when you have someone very close to you, their opinions have a lot of power over you wether you like it or not. In this relationship I spent years having my self confidence shattered, my self esteem decimated and my ability to interact with people naturally and easily totally neutered. In this relationship I was constantly told everything I did or said (socially) was wrong or embarrassing. This person had terrible power over me (those close to us often do), and although I choose to believe they never intended to cause harm or intentionally hurt me (we were basically 2 good people who were horrible for each other), the damage was done nonetheless. When I got free from that relationship, I naively thought everything would then get back to normal… but even now, YEARS later, I’m still discovering how much damage was done.

Last night, me and my roommate hosted a party. There were some friends there, and a couple of people I didn’t really know, or know that well. Everyone was having a good time. I was quite busy (it was an Oscar party, and I had some work to do throughout the evening, so I was pretty distracted), but when the Oscars were done, it was decided that the party would be taken to a local bar just a short walk from where I live. So off we all went…

Now you have to understand, a few years ago this was TOTALLY my element. A social gathering with a bunch of people. I was always so comfortable, so confident and so natural in those situations. I would be in my element. But when we got to the bar I suddenly felt uncomfortable, uneasy, shy, afraid to talk to people out of fear that I would say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing and just end up looking stupid. I wanted to engage people there, I wanted to be myself… but I was just paralyzed. I felt so uncomfortable that I eventually just left early and walked home.

When I got home I realized that I am not the same person I was a few years ago, and that the damage done to me in that relationship was deeper and more extensive than I’ve wanted to recognize… and I HATE IT. It’s killing me. Not quite sure where I go from here… perhaps recognizing the issue will help me get over it… maybe it will take more than that. Not sure. What I do know is that it’s ruining a lot of potential positive times while I’m here in Los Angeles… and that’s got to stop.

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Los Angeles Observation #1: Tap Water Here Is Terrible

During my time here I’m going to be making some observations about life and culture here in Los Angeles. I’ve already noticed a bunch, but I’ll ease into it here:

Los Angeles Observation #1: The tap water is terrible

On the day that I first arrived here, my friend Ashley told me that I should look into getting a Brita water filter, or some sort of home water service, because the tap water wasn’t good. Now, being from Hamilton Ontario (don’t laugh, we have great out of the tap water) I thought she was just being a typical LA girl, and that it was just all the rage to BUY your water, so I pretty much ignored her advice. WRONG DECISION!

My very first taste of the water made me cringe. I will never doubt Ashely again, nor will I ever take for granted the beauty of Canadian out of the tap water again.

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Watch Ratatouille

The other day I was driving with a friend of mine in LA, and we saw a giant billboard for “Ratatouille”. She surprised me by saying: “I’ve never seen that”. I almost slammed on my breaks… “YOU’VE NEVER SEEN RATATOUILLE?” So since I hadn’t seen it in a while, I suggest we ditch our other plans and just get the DVD and watch it. Man, I almost forgot how brilliant that little movie is. If you haven’t seen it, drop what you’re doing right now and run out to grab it. Just do it!

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Off To The Distributors

Today is a bit of a nervous day. As you know, I’m finished my movie Prince of Peace – God of War and the printed DVDs have arrived (which I’m thrilled with by the way). The screening is coming up on the 23rd of this month (which I’m pretty nervous about too)… but today is pretty big.

You see, I’m leaving in a little bit here to go to a distributors office to give him a couple of copies of the movie he’s expecting. This is huge. If he likes it (and that’s a VERY BIG IF), then it would mean my movie will be in a lot of stores across Canada and hopefully spreading the message that the movie delivers.

I feel like I’m getting ready to ask a girl out for the very first time and the fear of rejection is racing through my blood like a bad flu virus. You work a year and a half on a project… you put you heart and soul into it… you believe in it… but at some point you have to hand it off to someone to JUDGE it from an unbiased point of view. This guy is going to JUDGE my movie and decide if he thinks it’s worth putting in stores and if he thinks people will be interested in buying it.

I tell ya… if I was someone who drinks (which I’m not), I’d be sucking back the bourbon this afternoon for a few days until hearing back from this guy.

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Prince of Peace – God of War DVDs Arrived!

Today is a pretty big day for me. Earlier this afternoon a UPS truck arrived at my place to deliver my very first batch of fully packaged and printed Prince of Peace – God of War DVDs! For those of you who may not know, Prince of Peace – God of War is a documentary and my first crack at directing.

I’m just ecstatic with how they turned out. Now let’s see if anyone actually buys these suckers.

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Day Off Plan

As i mention the other day, I’ve decided that this week would be my “week off” from posting on The Movie Blog since I’ve never really had a week off in the 4+ years of doing the site. I’ve gotta tell ya… I woke up this morning, and it felt SOOOO good to not have to kick start into my work routine. 🙂

I can’t actually go out anywhere today because my movie is supposed to showing up at my place today (My DVDs that I just had produced… I’m getting the first 1000 copies today). So here is my big plan for the day:

  • Eat breakfast
  • Play some Warcraft
  • Eat Lunch
  • Play some Warcraft
  • Scan news on the internet
  • Play a little Unreal Tournament 2004
  • Play Warcraft
  • Play Warcraft
  • Eat dinner
  • Play Warcraft
  • Go to the movies with some friends
  • Play Warcraft
  • Go to bed.

Wheewww… I’m swamped.

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