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My “Best Films Of The Decade” Video

So as most of you know, I am no longer with “The Movie Blog” and my new gig is as the Senior Editor for AMC Entertainment’s “Script-To-Screen”. It’s a great site and a great company to work for.

Anyway, me and the S-T-S crew just did our video running down the best films of the decade and I thought I’d share it here:


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My Review for Sherlock Holmes

I really liked this movie:

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For Those Of You Who Don’t Think Avatar Plagarized Dances With Wolves At Least A Little Bit

Ok, if you saw my review of “Avatar” you know I loved it. But just because I love a movie doesn’t mean I can’t call it on some of its weak points… like the fact that it felt like a Dances With Wolves rip off.

Some people flatly deny this. To them I ask this question:

What movie am i descripbing here:

“A soldier for a stronger culture goes to observe a primitive culture. The stronger culture has plans for the primative cultures land.

While there, the soldier falls in love with the daughter of the leader of the primative culture.
The girl is already sort of betrothed to a strong warrior… and that strong warrior doesn’t like the soldier… but eventually comes around to liking him.

The soldier eventually changes sides and decides to fight along side of the more primative culture against his own people because he feels it’s the right thing to do”

So is the movie I just described “Dances With Wolves” or “Avatar”. If you say “both”, then you’ve just proved my point.

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My Avatar Review

Got out to see a midnight IMAX screening of Avatar last night. The place wasn’t sold out… which surprised me… but I guess that’s not to surprising considering the movie is 2 hours 40 minutes long on a work night, which meant we didn’t get out of the theater until almost 3am.

Still… GREAT movie. Here’s my review:

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Why The Golden Globes Are Useless

Golden-Globes.jpgWhhheeee… the Golden Globe Awards are coming! So obviously I’ll be counting down the days until the event right?? Well… actually.. no I won’t be. Not even for a minute. To me, the Golden Globes are nothing. Actually they’re less than nothing. I have no idea why they are as “big” as they are, but they certainly shouldn’t be.

I didn’t always feel this way. I actually used to like the Golden Globes. But the more I watched them, and the more I learned and understood how they worked, I just lost more and more interest. Now my interest level in the “Second biggest Hollywood Awards” is less than zero. And there are 2 important reasons why.

1) The “Best Comedy or Musical” category. Ok, now I know this will seem a bit lame (and to be honest, I think it’s a bit lame too). I used to like the idea of a separate category… but what the hell do “Musicals” and “Comedies” have to do with each other??? Why not make another category and call it best “Snuff Films and Short Animated”. It make no freaking sense. What on earth do “NINE” and “THE HANGOVER” have in common? Explain to me how they belong in the same category.

For example… when Lost In Translation won the Award the other year for “Best Musical or Comedy” the Golden Globes completely turned me off. For those of you who have seen it, you know Lost in Translation was neither a comedy nor a musical. So what the hell??? My impression was they just wanted the biggest movies to get the biggest buzz to draw attention to themselves (The Golden Globes and their organization “The Hollywood Foreign Press”). Which leads us into…

2) The Hollywood Foreign Press is the organization that runs and votes for the Golden Globes. Who is the Hollywood Foreign Press? Well (and I’m really simplifying this) basically they’re film critics who live in L.A. and work for non-US media outlets. That’s it. And how many people are in the Hollywood Foreign Press that vote? 1000? Nope. 500? Nope. There are only 92 voting members. That’s it.

So basically, the Golden Globes are the awards given out by 92 film critics who don’t work for US companies. Whhhheeeeeee. Who the hell cares?

At least the Oscars are voted on by over 6500 people who all work in the movie industry. Writers, Directors, Animators, Actors, ect. ect. ect. With over 6500 people voting, any biases or unfair advantages of “who knows who” is limited because the base is so much larger (although it’s still a problem).

So to me, The Golden Globes are a huge non-issue. 92 film critics voting for their favorites movies. Who cares? Although I will admit in recent years the show itself is better to watch than the Oscars… but still.

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Even the democrats are stupid

They had a chance tonight to start the healing and begin the fight to take back the white house and start to restore America again after the mess George W Bush has made. Democrats tonight had the opportunity to show they had some common sense… but instead… they botched it. Hilary Clinton is still in the race after winning in Texas and Ohio.

The democrats in those states kept the internal fight in the party going today… voting for Hilary “Just another” Clinton. A person who will unite the right and vast numbers of moderates against the democrats if, god forbid, she were to win the democratic nomination.

There has been a Bush or a Clinton in the White House for 28 years in a row now. 28 years. TWENTY EIGHT YEARS.

Instead of voting for a guy who actually stands a chance to unite the country instead of dividing it, to bring some hope instead of the same old regime… and at the risk of sounding cliche… to bring some CHANGE… instead of all that, the democrats will remain embroiled in division while the republicans laugh all the way to the bank.

Mark my words… if Hilary Clinton is the democratic nominee in the election, then you might as well start practicing saying “President McCain”. Everyone knows it… the republicans know it and are licking their proverbial chops at the idea of Hilary actually beating Obama.. seems like the only people who won’t wake up to understand this are the democrats themselves.

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Sometimes I’m Embarrassed To Be Canadian

Canada is the greatest country in the world. I really honestly think that. I love this country, and I love being Canadian. Our culture, our collective world view, the way we have a political philosophy of taking care of each other… yadda yadda yadda. Many many many things I love about being a Canadian. HOWEVER….

Our meida in this country has not only LOST it’s unique identity… it’s raped it, then dumped it in a garbage heap and then pissed all over it. Our cultural media has become almost nothing but a pathetic little “we want to be the USA” wanna-be-copy-cat. Instead of coming up with our own original content (there is still some of it out there) we make our country out to be a laughing stock by blatantly mimicking and ripping off American show.

You’ve got American Idol? Ok, we’ll make “Canadian Idol”
You’ve got America’s Next Top Model? Ok, we’ll make “Canada’s Next Top Model”
and now…
You’ve got “Are you Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Ok, we’ll make “Are you Smarter than a CANADIAN 5th Grader”


This is nothing short of humiliating for Canadians on the world stage… and when I’m in LA, I’ll have to hang my head a little bit in shame if any of these shows come up in conversation.

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Halloween Costumes For Kids Too Sexy

Look, I like scantly clad women as much as the next red blooded guy… but marketing a costume called “Sexy Witch” to children is going a bit far. I’m hardly a conservative fuddy duddy, but wow, this goes a little too far for me.

See the video here

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